An alternative to a corporate trustee such as a bank or trust company, a Private Fiduciary is an agent designated under a durable power of attorney to act on behalf of the principal (person creating the document) and as a trustee in a living trust document.

When clients establish an estate plan, often they wish to designate someone other than a relative or their children to act on their behalves during their lifetimes, as well as settle their affairs on death. This can be for a number of reasons, including but not limited to, lack of confidence in the person’s ability to handle financial matters, or to avoid possible dissension among family members.

Private fiduciary services are often preferred over corporate trustee services because a private fiduciary may deliver the services with a more personal touch and with broader discretion, rather than being confined by impersonal corporate procedures.


The knowledge, experience and judgment that are the hallmark of a good lawyer are equally important to the role of the private fiduciary. It is because of Shari Bevan’s legal and financial expertise, she is more than capable of acting as a private fiduciary for clients. Acting as such fiduciary for a client, means that Shari Bevan, fiduciary, would manage a client’s financial assets during incapacity, and she would properly administer a client’s estate upon his or her demise.

By designating Shari Bevan to act for a client, it:

  1. appoints someone with the proper experience and training to manage the client’s resources;
  2. saves on legal fees during the estate administration process because Shari’s knowledge of the probate and trust administration process;
  3. designates someone intimately familiar with incapacity and long term care issues; and
  4. provides an independent third party to help buffer family dynamics that can surface and result in dissension in these types of situations.


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